We are passionate about building with straw bales. If you dream of a sustainably built, natural, healthy, breathable building – whether it’s a home, a garden room, an extension, a community centre, a warehouse, whatever you desire – straw bales offer you an ideal solution.

Straw Bale Buildings

Whether it’s a home, a garden room, an extension, a warehouse, whatever you desire – straw bales offer you an ideal solution in the UK.

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Consultancy & Design

We can save you time and budget by offering our specialist advice before and during your project. We also offer a full design and planning service.

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Training & Self Build

We offer training courses that will give you the knowledge to create your own straw bale building, from foundations to finishing.

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“Huff and Puff built our dream! We would recommend them to anyone who wants to build the sustainable way.”

Jennie LoaderTakepArt Community Arts CoordinatorSherborne ArtsLink

Straw is the sustainable alternative to cement

Modern cement is an ongoing disaster for our climate. Globally, cement production alone accounts for 5-10% of manmade CO2 emissions; where we don’t need it, we shouldn’t be using it.

In the UK we have more straw than we know what to do with – we could build at least half a million houses each year from surplus straw. And like trees, straw captures carbon when it grows.

Unlike trees, straw grows every year. Lock that straw up in a building for 200 plus years and we’re making a massive contribution to carbon capture, all without the need for complicated technology.

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“It’s good fun to work with other like-minded people.”

Phil ChristopherFounder

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