Sorry for the delay with the next post, best laid plans and all that, I’m trying to get used to updating the website alongside doing projects and it’s taking some doing, but we’ll get there!

Here are some pictures of a log store we’ve built here at Huff and Puff HQ. I started with geo-textile membrane and a layer of DTP Type 1 sub-base (if you don’t know, this is a mixture of fine material up to larger pieces that locks together when compacted to form a solid but permeable layer), with 20mm limestone chippings on top.

The framing is made from 100mm square oak posts. In this case I’ve inserted these into metal posts at ground level because we had them around already, but this could be done in a number of other ways. The rafters are cut from treated pine posts that have seen better days, but which are perfectly adequate under cover in the roof. The idea with a log store is to get air circulating around the wood, ideally give it some sun when it’s about, and to keep the rain off. The French and probably many others do this with massive overhanging roofs so the wood can be exposed all year round. That’s not always possible if space is limited, so the approach here has been to leave a gap to the wall behind the store and put doors on the front (to be added, I’ll put more shots on our gallery or product pages in time) so that these can be opened or removed in summer, when the sun should far outweigh any rain issues. We have some reclaimed slate which will be going on the roof soon.

What do you think so far?

Thanks for the timber Phil, but where is the straw, I hear you say! Well, exciting news is afoot, check back very, very soon!