Laurie taylor - Thinking Allowed - BBC Radio 4There was an interesting piece about self-build recently on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed programme.  You can access it on the BBC website here – it’s on for about the first 10 minutes.

Host Laurie Taylor and guest Michaela Benson discuss the motivations and experiences of UK self-builders that she has gathered in her research.  She discusses this and other interesting self-build things on her research project’s blog.

Michaela aslo mentions Jenny Pickerell’s green-building research, which seems to be discussed on Jenny’s blog here.  All good reading!

I really like this piece because it backs up the way we intuitively work as a company.  There is a real need for help and support for self-builders in the UK and we understand how stressful and what a massive step taking on and accomplishing any building project can be – especially building a home.  Self-build can be a hugely life-affirming and empowering experience if done well, however managing the build process well is absolutely key.  We are happy to take on the management of your building project, whilst keeping you as immersed and involved in it as you’d like to be.  The ambition is to give you the wonderful experience of self-build without all the headaches.  Some people, of course, are keen to take on the challenge of managing an entire build, and if that’s the case we can do our very best to fit in with your plans.

The self-build part in the Radio 4 piece above is also followed by an interesting, yet rather sad and shocking piece about evictions. However, the guest, Professor Matthew Desmond, sounds like he might be related to Professor Denzil Dexter from The Fast Show, which made me chuckle. 🙂