Whether it’s a home, a garden room, an extension, a warehouse, whatever you desire – straw bale buildings offer you an ideal solution in the UK. Straw bale buildings are highly insulated and that means they are warm in winter and cool in summer - perfect for our climate.
For the climate

Straw bale buildings: carbon positive building

Straw bale buildings are built to last, using locally sourced, non toxic materials. By using these natural materials we are locking in and storing carbon for the buildings' entire life-cycle, drawing on circular economy principles and ensuring sustainability is achieved. Their low-energy, low carbon construction is also cement free, making them the ideal choice for many diverse building projects without damaging the environment.

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Beautiful, diverse designs

Straw bale buildings can be used for any project

There are several ways to build with straw bales. They can be used for load bearing structures, infill for timber framed buildings, structural insulated panels (SIPs), retrofitted to existing structures, and even combined with other building methods. This choice ensures there are unlimited possibilities to create beautifully designed buildings using straw as the primary material.

Types of straw bale building
Affordable self-built homes

Build your dream sustainable home with the HuffPuff House

Using our experience and expertise, we have created the HuffPuff House - a kit that enables you to build your own straw bale building. Affordable, highly-insulated and stunningly beautiful, the HuffPuff House is the perfect solution for those who want a sustainable, self-built home. Visit huffpuffhouse.com to learn more.

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Environmental Benefits of Straw Bale Buildings

Locally sourced materials
Stores carbon
Cement free
Zero carbon in construction and use
Low energy use

Health Benefits of Straw Bale Buildings

Non-toxic materials
Excellent indoor air quality
Fantastic soundproofing
Low energy bills
Cost neutral up front

Technical Benefits of Straw Bale Buildings

Highly insulating
Airtight yet breathable
Simple to maintain
Accommodates natural movement
Accessible building methods

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other services

Consultancy & Design

We can save you time and budget by offering our specialist advice before and during your project. We also offer a full design and planning service.

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Training & Self Build

We offer training courses that will give you the knowledge to create your own straw bale building, from foundations to finishing.

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