Many of us dream of building our own home and want to live in a home that’s different from those on offer in the mainstream property market place. The Huff Puff House offers you the opportunity to realise that dream. With our help and our Huff Puff self-build kit you can build a beautiful, sustainable home at a truly affordable price.
Sustainable Self-Build

The Huff Puff House: a straw bale building kit

We manufacture, supply and build eco-friendly, energy efficient Huff Puff Houses to the self-build market. We can provide you with the level of help you need to achieve your self build project. From a simple kit with instructions, you can also ask for our help with advice, design, planning, building control, training and construction if you need it. We’re here to help achieve your self build dream and we can help you as much or as little as you would like.

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"The Huff Puff House helps make self-building a real option for people who would like to invest their own time, rather than the outlay required of a turnkey build."

Phil Christopher

The self-build process

Before you decide to embark on your self-build project, it’s important to be well informed, and equipped with as much information as possible to make sure that your self-build goes smoothly and to plan and that it also comes to completion within your allocated budget.

Learn about self-building

Visit the Huff Puff House website to understand how you can self-build your dream sustainable home and get all the information you need before you begin planning.

Secure your building plot

The Huff Puff House is designed to work in a variety of sites so you should have no problem building it where you want, or we can advise on your bespoke self-build with our planning services.

Finalise design and costs

You can use our design and planning services to establish your straw bale self-build requirements - and the size, layout and cost for the kit you would like.

Order your kit and/or services

Order your kit or book in more consultation time with us to help you build your bespoke self-build straw bale building. We can help with planning, building control or construction.

Order confirmation

We confirm your order of the kit and/or further services required, and arrange a payment schedule. For our standard kit order you’ll pay 50% up front and 50% on delivery, for other services you'll be invoiced as you go.

Pre-build services

We deliver any services prior to your build that you have requested, including planning, building control and design. Our simple invoicing process means you pay as you go.

Delivery of your kit

If you have ordered a Huff Puff House kit, this is the point in the process where you will receive it. You will then be ready to begin building your dream home!

Let's get building!

Once the build begins, we will start providing the services you requested to help with your self-build. You will be invoiced for these services once they are complete during the project.

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