There are several ways to build with straw bales. They can be used for load bearing structures, infill for timber framed buildings, structural insulated panels (SIPs), retrofitted to existing structures, and even combined with other building methods. This choice ensures there are unlimited possibilities to create beautifully designed buildings using straw as the primary material.

Load-bearing straw bale building

  • Walls in stretcher/running bond
  • Timber pins (hazel etc.)
  • Timber top and bottom
  • Pre-compressed or by roof
  • Good for at least two storeys
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Infill straw bale building

  • Timber frame
  • Straw wall/insulation
  • Straw can be positioned inside or outside frame
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Hybrid straw bale building

  • Variations e.g. load bearing, infill
  • Mix with other build types e.g. for large openings, extensions etc.
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Panel straw bale building

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • MMC (Modern Methods of Construction)
  • ModCell/Ecococon/Other/DIY
  • Timber framed panel + straw + board + render/plaster
  • Built off site and craned in by
  • Quality and speed
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Retrofit straw bale building

  • Bale wrapping
  • Infill
  • Panels
  • Important solution due to low amount of new homes being built
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Straw Bale Buildings

Whether it’s a home, a garden room, an extension, a warehouse, whatever you desire – straw bales offer you an ideal solution in the UK.

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Consultancy & Design

We can save you time and budget by offering our specialist advice before and during your project. We also offer a full design and planning service.

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We offer training courses that will give you the knowledge to create your own straw bale building, from foundations to finishing.

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